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Money Tree Stump Round Pot

Money Tree Stump Round Pot

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15"-24" Height

Introducing the Money Tree Stump, an extraordinary and symbolic piece of natural artistry that brings the charm of the Pachira aquatica to your indoor space. This intriguing plant, with its distinct appearance, is sure to captivate the attention of all who enter your home.


The Money Tree Stump is a captivating variation of the Pachira aquatica, featuring a short gnarled trunk that resembles an ancient tree's weathered stump. With its lush, hand-shaped leaves, this distinctive plant retains the symbolic qualities of the Money Tree, bringing fortune and good vibes to your surroundings.

Care Instructions

Light: Place your Money Tree Stump in bright, indirect light, although it can tolerate lower light conditions. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent leaf scorch.

Water: Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between watering. The unique shape of the stump trunk should be considered when assessing soil moisture.


The Money Tree Stump serves as a captivating natural accent piece that not only adds character to your indoor decor but also carries the positive symbolism and charm of the traditional Money Tree. This striking plant is a conversation starter and an eye- catching addition to your space.

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