Our Pots

At City Plants, we believe in bringing the essence of the cityscape into your living spaces, and our handmade pots are a testament to this philosophy. Crafted with precision and care, our pots are made from durable concrete to mirror the robust landscape of the city.

What sets our pots apart is not just their sturdy construction but the promise of transformation over time. Just like the concrete structures that define our urban surroundings, our pots evolve and become more distinctive as they interact with the elements – water, soil, and the organic materials of the plants they hold.


Embrace the Beauty of Impermanence

Our pots reflect the nuances of the everchanging urban landscape.

These evolving pots tell a story – a narrative shaped by the rhythm of nature and the spirit of the city.


As your City Plants pot engages with the life of the plant it holds, a unique metamorphosis takes place. The subtle dance with water, the nurturing embrace of soil, and the dynamic interplay with organic matter ensure that each pot develops its own personality.


Over time, you'll notice subtle changes in texture, color, and character, making each pot a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects the journey it has shared with its plant companion.


City Plants invites you to celebrate the harmonious blend of urban aesthetics and natural evolution. Explore the extraordinary transformation of our handmade pots and witness the city's vitality mirrored in the evolving beauty of your green companions.