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Ficus Salicaria "Willow Leaf"

Ficus Salicaria "Willow Leaf"

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10"-18" Height

Introducing the Ficus salicaria Bonsai, a living testament to beauty and grace. Nestled within a modern concrete planter, this bonsai creation seamlessly merges the age-old art of bonsai with a touch of contemporary sophistication.


The Ficus salicaria Bonsai, commonly known as the Willow Leaf Ficus, presents a captivating silhouette with its slender, elongated leaves and intricate branching structure. This bonsai embodies both strength and delicacy, showcasing nature's exquisite balance. The Ficus salicaria is not just a plant; it's a sculptural masterpiece that brings a sense of tranquility and natural allure to your living space.

Care Instructions

Light: Position your Ficus salicaria Bonsai in bright, indirect light. It appreciates some direct sunlight, especially during the morning or late afternoon.

Water: Maintain consistently moist soil, allowing the top layer to dry slightly between waterings. Misting the leaves can help maintain humidity, especially in drier environments.


The Ficus salicaria Bonsai in a contemporary concrete planter effortlessly marries the tradition of bonsai artistry with modern design, offering a visually captivating and meditative addition to your indoor decor. Elevate your space with the timeless allure of the Willow Leaf Ficus, presented in a planter that complements its delicate yet enduring elegance

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